How to Achieve Live Traceability™ with Jira

April 18, 2022 Jama Software


Live Traceability with Jira

How to Achieve Live Traceability™ with Jira

For complex product development, the ability to trace through systems, hardware, electrical, risk, verification, and validation teams requires live requirements traceability.

To comply with industry standards, engineering teams in regulated industries must achieve requirements traceability across siloed teams and tools. Most software development teams have chosen Jira® as their preferred task management tool and refuse to switch to cumbersome legacy ALM tools that would negatively impact their productivity. Attempts to try and achieve Live Traceability™ with Jira or Jira plugins break down quickly as the complexity of approvals, versioning, change impact analysis, baselines and variant management overwhelm a task management approach.

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The best practice approach implemented by hundreds of Fortune 1000 companies and startups alike, is to use Jama Connect to create Live Traceability across a best-of-breed toolchain including Jira or Azure DevOps for the software development team.

This approach simultaneously solves the need for Live Traceability AND causes no disruption to existing tools, processes, and even field names for the software development team in Jira.

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Live Traceability™ Realized

Achieve Live Traceability across your best-of-breed toolchain. To make this continuous sync as easy as possible, Jama Connect Interchange is purpose-built to achieve Live Traceability between Jama Connect and Jira through a point and click interface.
Key Benefits of Integrating Jama Connect with Jira
Stay Aligned to Market and User Needs
Integrate upstream planning, requirements, and test plans into an iterative development process. Ensure what you build satisfies market, compliance, and user requirements.
Maintain Visibility into Downstream Development
Accurately capture and communicate requirements, goals, progress, and interdependencies to remove friction throughout the development process.
Eliminate Late-Stage Rework and Quality Gaps Due to Misalignment
Capture needs and maintain agreement on what you are building. Guarantee everyone is working off the most current spec, so the product/system ultimately delivers its intended value.
Support a Formal Change Management Process
Identify change impact implications of product requirements alterations and impacted owners so development teams make informed decisions as requirements evolve.

To Learn More About How to Achieve Live Traceability™ with Jira, Download The Full Datasheet.




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