Introducing Jama Connect for Companion MBSE

September 28, 2021 Jama Software

Jama Connect for Companion MBSEIn January 2020, NASA reported that Model-Based System Engineering (MBSE), “has been increasingly embraced by both industry and government as a means to keep track of system complexity.”

And in order to help facilitate accelerated adoption of MBSE, we’re proud to introduce Jama Connect® for Companion MBSE.

Jama Connect for Companion MBSE is a single platform that combines requirements, architectures, behaviors, and V&V into a single model of the system by applying: structure for the data; rules for the data; and a consistent interface language between parts of the system. A Jama Connect model provides engineers, project managers, business analysts, or any stakeholder, an organized way to address all aspects of the system consistently with the assurance of completeness.

Accelerate Your Systems Development

Jama Connect for Companion MBSE provides a path to companies embracing MBSE where the application of collaboration, modeling, and methods reduces time and effort across the lifecycle.

With this solution, you’ll get:

  • Framework aligned to industry best practices from INCOSE and SEBoK
  • MBSE Quick Start Guide
  • Document export templates and reports aligned with systems development
  • Standard features of Jama Connect including requirements management, test management, live traceability, review center, realtime collaboration, reuse & baseline management, workflow & configuration management, diagramming
  • Consulting and training customized to your teams’ MBSE processes

Download the solution overview to learn more about Jama Connect for Companion MBSE.

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