Introducing TestRail for Jama Connect

August 14, 2018 Jama Software


TestRail, a test management solution used by thousands of teams across the world’s top product development companies, now integrates seamlessly with Jama Connect.

TestRail and Jama Connect are linked bi-directionally through Tasktop, ensuring that real-time data is available in every user’s preferred system, with full context.

Key Benefits:

  • Enhanced traceability between tests and requirements
  • Greater collaboration between business, product and QA teams
  • Access to QA plans and defects in real time
  • Real-time insight into test plans, processes, cases and results
  • Complete context for customer requirement and priorities

By integrating with TestRail, we have enhanced the traceability from requirements to test results. Previously, updating test results from TestRail to Jama Connect was most commonly done manually, resulting in a time delay for information and potential human error in the entries. Now, the process is handled automatically, allowing your team to tie accurate, up-to-date testing information to all requirements.

Now, test cases written by the QA team in TestRail are integrated with the corresponding requirement in Jama Connect, giving the product management team complete access to all test cases within our platform. Additionally, the product management team can log a test case in Jama Connect against the same requirement based on a customer-provided scenario. That test case is then available to the QA team in TestRail.

This cross-team visibility created by the Jama Connect-TestRail integration ensures that quality checks are thorough and that the teams involved in the process have clear communication and up-to-date information.

By integrating TestRail with Jama Connect, your product management team gains robust traceability and real-time information into the quality of its product development cycle. This added visibility lends valuable insight into the project’s overall progress and the effectiveness of the testing suite, giving teams the opportunity to correct inefficiencies and speed up time to market while enhancing quality.

To learn more about how this integration further assists companies in managing the product development cycle and customer issues at a faster pace, contact your account manager or reach out to us directly.


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