Jama Connect® Features in Five: Jama Connect Advisor™

November 4, 2022 Joseph Pitarresi

Requirements Advisor

Jama Connect® Features in Five: Jama Connect Advisor™

Learn how you can supercharge your systems development process! In this blog series, we’re pulling back the curtains to give you a look at a few of Jama Connect®’s powerful features… in under five minutes.

In this Features in Five video, Joseph Pitarresi, Senior Product Manager at Jama Software, will introduce viewers to Jama Connect Advisor™, Jama Connect’s natural language processing (NLP) tool, designed to improve requirement quality.

In this session, we’ll explore the benefits of using Jama Connect Advisor™ to:

  • Reduce authoring errors
  • Increase clarity
  • Optimize foundational product needs and requirements managed in Jama Connect Cloud

Follow along with this short video below to learn more – and find the full video transcript below!


Joseph Pitarresi: Hello and welcome. Thanks for joining me today. I’m Joseph, Senior Product Manager at Jama Software. In this video, I’ll introduce Jama Connect Advisor, our new requirements authoring solution crafted with engineering-based natural language processing to help users write effective, efficient, and well-organized requirements. As a fully integrated add-on product for Jama Connect Cloud, it delivers extraordinary speed and accuracy in authoring advice. In this video, we’ll explore the benefits of using it in your daily product development to reduce authoring errors, increase clarity, and optimize the foundational product needs and requirements managed in Jama Connect Cloud.

Today, products of all types are rapidly becoming increasingly complex across every industry sector. Intelligent, connected products with rich software complexity are the new norm. Because of this, an exciting architectural evolution has emerged. The Systems-of-Systems architecture has become the new standard and brings with it the need to balance rigor and precision with agility and adaptability in the product development process. Success in this new form of product delivery starts by having accurate user requirements written clearly in natural language. Conversely, poorly written or ambiguous statements lead to development issues downstream.

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Joseph Pitarresi: Efficient, precise, and professionally written requirements form the foundation of product development success. This is exactly what Jama Connect Advisor is crafted to help you and your team create. Our solution has been intentionally designed to help teams author intricate product requirements quickly and with precision. It’s been created to minimize the interruption of engineering and creative workflow processes. Jama Connect Advisor is a state-of-the-art authoring optimizer powered by engineering-focused natural language processing and artificial intelligence. Our use of engineering-focused natural language is different from that used by general-purpose digital assistance. It applies to special engineering terminology and engineering syntax expertise essential for successful product development.

So how does it work? It applies the globally proven industry principles of the International Council on Systems Engineering requirement’s rules and the easy approach to the requirement’s syntax. Authoring is a challenging task. Even experienced systems engineers and MBSEs need to consider the over 40 INCOSE rules and EARS notations six patterns while authoring even one requirement sentence. This is a daunting task. The challenge represents the perfect application of engineering-based natural language processing and artificial intelligence to speed up productivity and enhance quality. When you use Jama Connect Advisor, it reinforces and extends the authoring skills for everyone involved, regardless of their current skill level.

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Joseph Pitarresi: Now let’s see how you and your team can use Jama Connect Advisor. Step one is to open a requirement in Jama Connect. Step two is to select the edit button. Step three is highlighting the rich text of a statement for analysis. You’ll notice a purple analyze button will appear on the lower right, select it. You’ll first see the quick analysis. This saves time, avoiding the need to review already well-written statements. You will see either a green, yellow or red indicator in the quick analysis. This is a rough initial gauge of quality. Next, if you see a yellow or red indicator, you’ll want to view the detailed analysis. Select the detailed analysis button.

Now you can consider detailed advice given by the INCOSE rules and EARS patterns assessments. Once you’ve considered advice, you can dismiss the detailed analysis, make your desired changes right in Jama Connect single-item view. If desired, you can repeat the analysis after you’ve made changes just to confirm your improvements were effective. This is all done in real-time with minimal interruption to your workflow and the creative thinking process.

In summary, Jama Connect Advisor enhances development team effectiveness by enabling teams to develop, refine, and adopt authoring skills faster. It speeds the creation of institutional knowledge, helping to develop an organization’s own unique approach to capturing customer value during the product development process. Thank you for joining today. We look forward to hearing from you and please ask your Jama software representative for a demo and more information about Jama Connect Advisor. Thank you.

To learn more about available features in Jama Connect, visit: Jama Connect Features

We hope you’ll join us for future Jama Connect Features in Five topics, including Risk Management, Reviews, and more.

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