Jama Connect® for Automotive: Accelerate Requirements Management for Safety- and Cybersecurity-Critical Systems

November 9, 2022 Decoteau Wilkerson

Jama Connect for Automotive

In this blog, we’ll break down key elements of our Jama Connect for Automotive Solution. To read the entire solution overview, click HERE

Jama Connect® for Automotive

Accelerate requirements management for safety- and cybersecurity-critical systems

Jama Connect® for Automotive provides a single platform for development teams to build safety-critical and cybersecurity-critical products, while accelerating time to market with frameworks and templates aligned to industry standards of Automotive SPICE (ASPICE), ISO 26262:2018, and ISO 21434:2021.

Accelerate Your Automotive Development

Jama Connect for Automotive is designed to help you get ramped up quickly with a single platform, training, and documentation aligned to industry standards and regulations, including ASPICE, ISO 26262:2018, and ISO 21434:2021, while applying a proven systems engineering approach to product development.

What’s Included:

  • Frameworks aligned to key industry regulations
  • Procedure and configuration guides specific to automotive development activities
  • Functional Safety Kit reduces time required for software tool qualification
  • Consulting and training customized to your teams’ automotive product development processes
  • Exports and reports aligned with industry needs along with a detailed reporting guide

Jama Connect for Automotive

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A Single Platform for Building Safety-Critical Products

Requirements Management

Manage and validate complex systems requirements while eliminating the risks and inefficiencies associated with documents-based and legacy systems.

Hazard Analysis & Risk Assessment

Meet functional safety standards and identify and mitigate hazards earlier in development, helping teams avoid frustrating and costly late-stage design changes.

Procedure and Configuration Guides

Accelerate adoption and improve functional safety compliance using procedure and configuration guides developed for the automotive industry.

Standard Frameworks

Accelerate adoption and improve compliance using frameworks aligned to key industry regulations: Automotive SPICE (ASPICE), ISO 26262:2018, and ISO 21434:2021.

Test Management

Align tests and requirements, run test cases, and instantly log connected defects when tests fail.

Export Templates

Support the automotive product development process with export templates developed for the automotive industry.

Ease the Challenges of Validating your Product Development Platform

Functional Safety Kit for Automotive Development Teams

ISO 26262 stipulates that automotive developers must validate their software tools to ensure that they are suitable for use in developing safety-related items. The Functional Safety Kit for Jama Connect is designed to reduce the time required for validation by providing a complete list of Jama Software’s internal mechanisms, workflows, and usage scenarios that we have certified by the internationally recognized testing body, TÜV SÜD, for every product release. The Functional Safety Kit comes with process documentation, critical workflows/safety manual, and a TÜV SÜD certificate and report indicating that Jama Connect is suitable for use in the development of safety-related software according to ISO 26262 up to ASIL D.

Exchange Requirements Seamlessly

Supply Chain Collaboration

Data Exchange for Jama Connect is used to import, export, and update data to create an ongoing exchange of requirements throughout the product development process. This solution is designed
to process data according to Requirements Interchange Format (ReqIF) standards as published by the Object Management Group. These services provide Jama Connect with the ability to import and exchange data with IBM® DOORS® and other ReqIF-supported products.

Key Solution Benefits

With Jama Connect for Automotive, you can:

  • Increase confidence and decrease time to value with an established scope and direct alignment of requirements
  • Reduce deployment time with defined and justified configuration and export templates
  • Adapt Jama Connect to meet the unique needs of your organization with flexible system and template modifications
  • Drive adoption and reduce the impact of change to your teams, with training aligned to your people, processes, and data

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Optimize Success for Your Organization

When you purchase Jama Connect for Automotive Development, our consultants partner with you to adapt the solution to fit your product delivery process and drive adoption of Jama Connect within your organization.

Alignment Phase

The alignment phase aims to determine and implement the best use of Jama Connect for your organization based on an understanding of your product development process, business objectives, and desired team workflow.

This phase includes:

  • Preliminary project planning and discovery sessions to understand your people, processes, and data as it pertains to requirements management, and verification and validation for automotive development
  • Onsite workshop or remote working sessions focused on alignment of processes to governing standards Automotive SPICE (ASPICE), ISO 26262:2018, and ISO 21434:2021
  • Consultants partner with you to setup templates or utilize standard reports to produce the following document exports: checklist baseline, hazard analysis and risk assessment baseline, test results, detailed Review Center stats report, baseline export to Word, and default export to Word
  • Your Jama Software® consultant will work with your core implementation team to prepare Jama Connect for use by end users, in remote working sessions if needed

Launch Phase

Once it’s ready to use, your Jama Software consultant will lead a remote or onsite training to show your teams how to use Jama Connect. Following the training, your consultant will be available remotely to provide assistance as needed to support your initial implementation.

Download the entire Jama Connect for Automotive Solution Overview eBook HERE.

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