Jama Connect® for Robotics: Accelerate Innovation and Simplify Functional Safety Compliance

January 11, 2023 Decoteau Wilkerson

Jama Connect for Robotics

Jama Connect® for Robotics

Jama Connect® for Robotics provides a single platform for development teams to manage requirements, test, and functional safety throughout the product development lifecycle in the robotics industry.
The Jama Connect Robotics Solution is a complete set of frameworks, example projects, and procedural, export, and configuration documentation intended to accelerate the implementation of Jama Connect for organizations developing robotics systems and components.

The license model is fully scalable, ensuring rapid deployment and easy adoption of the solution across your product development team. The base product includes the full breadth of Jama Connect’s core capabilities with access for up to 10 named Creators, and site licenses for Stakeholders and Reviewers — enough to get your product organization up and running with our industry-leading solution.

Updates to these features are included as part of the subscription package.

The application of the base product can easily be expanded to allow access to the entire enterprise. Jama Connect for Robotics is available as either a cloud or self-hosted deployment option and
is based on an annual subscription. It does not require client-side software to be installed.

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  • Minimum of 10 Named Creators
  • Unlimited number of licenses for Stakeholders and Reviewers
  • Secure SaaS hosting and on-premises deployment options
  • 24 x 7 critical issue support
  • Non-production-hosted sandbox
  • Robotics framework aligned with systems engineering best practices and standards including IEC 61508 (functional safety) and IEC 60812 (FMEA)
  • Procedure, export, and configuration guides for robotics developers
  • Export templates
  • Training and consulting designed for automotive manufacturing


  • Increase confidence and decrease time to value with an established scope and direct alignment of requirements
  • Reduce deployment time for new clients with defined and justified configuration, export templates, and reports
  • Meet functional safety certification up to safety integrity level (SIL) 4 with an eased path to compliance
  • Centralize robotics development, testing, and risk processes with Live Traceability™ proven to enable better product quality outcomes

The following report/export templates are provided as part of the solution to support alignment with robotics industry standards and regulations.

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Because everyone requires clarity on what your teams are building and why, Jama Connect for Robotics offers four unique license types to suit different user needs and promote deep collaboration and alignment across your organization. The table below summarizes these available license types.

The solution allows flexibility to customize the configuration of your Creator licenses, for example:

  • 1 named and 3 floating licenses
  • 4 named and 2 floating licenses
  • 7 named and 1 floating license
  • 10 named licenses

To learn more about Jama Connect licensing options visit: jamasoftware.com/platform/licensing

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