Jama Connect® Interchange™: Live Traceability™ Realized

June 9, 2022 Jama Software

jama connect interchange

Jama Connect® Interchange™: Live Traceability™ Realized

The #1 problem product engineering organizations face is complying with traceability requirements spanning siloed teams and tools. Organizations are often encumbered by the highly manual and time-consuming review of information across numerous spreadsheets.

What is Live Traceability?

Jama Software defines Live Traceability ™ as the ability to see the most up-to-date and complete upstream and downstream information for any requirement, no matter the stage of systems development or how many siloed tools and teams it spans.

This enables engineering and product management processes to be managed through data and to improve performance in real-time.

How Can We Extend Live Traceability using Jama Connect Interchange?

Jama Connect® Interchange ™ is purpose-built to deliver Live Traceability across siloed teams and best-of-breed tools, including Microsoft Excel. By using Jama Connect Interchange, teams can simplify this process by linking data across multiple product development applications.

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Best-of-Breed Tools That Plug into Jama Connect for Live Traceability

By utilizing Jama Connect Interchange, teams can now leverage the power of Jama Connect’s traceability model to continuously sync traceable information from other tools with no change required for engineering disciplines to continue using their chosen tools to maximize productivity.

To stay up-to-date on future integration tools available with Jama Connect Interchange, follow the Release Notes in our Community!

The Key Benefits of Jama Connect Interchange

Live Traceability

Overcome siloed information to support your product development lifecycle from user and market needs to verification and validation.

Data Integrity

Run complex calculations, logic statements, and other Excel operations from within Jama Connect. All standard Excel functions are supported, and values flow automatically, so you can utilize the full power of Excel without leaving Jama Connect.


Align teams, track decisions efficiently, and minimize rework to create high-quality products on time and on budget.


Easily adapt Jama Connect to your project and organizational workflows to create an intuitive experience so your teams can get up to speed quickly.

Requirements in a Single System of Record

Achieve and maintain alignment with real-time updates across teams and tools in a single location.

Common Jama Connect Interchange Use Case

Configurable Sync

One-way or bidirectional sync to match your workflows; set the sync frequency to match the speed of your business

Rich Data and Formatting

Supports text formatting, tables, bullets/ numbering, and text transformation

Simple Configuration

Quick setup wizard, control panel, and field mapping tools – all backed by auditable logs

Flexible Deployment Models

Available in cloud SaaS and on-premises

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Unlike other solutions in the market, Jama Connect Interchange has been specifically designed and developed to work seamlessly with Jama Connect. It’s easy to deploy, configure, use, and expand – driving efficiency and further lowering your total cost of ownership.

To learn more about Jama Connect and the Jama Connect Interchange, download our Datasheet.

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