JLL: How Jama Connect™ Integration for Jira® Improved Customer Satisfaction

February 19, 2020 Kari Olivadotti-Peters

Jama Software’s latest customer story 
shares the success of Jones Lang LaSalle Incorporated (JLL), a global leader of real estate and investment management. As Marshall King, Senior Vice President of JLL’s IT Solutions explains, the company had a simple business goal: “To be the easiest company to work with … We want our customers to feel like there’s not a lot of barriers to working with JLL, and that we make it easy.” 

Yet roadblocks continually appeared  usually in the form of 100-200-page requirements documents in Word format, all in need of review by 10+ stakeholders.   

Plenty of companies can relate. But JLL routinely promises customers seamless implementation of best-in-class technologies. Burdensome documents combined with an inefficient, manual process that slowed progress and caused miscommunications undermined that promise.

Requirements management with easy accessibility and visibility.

Jama Connect helped JLL become the company they wanted to be for their customers. The Jama Connect integration for Jira in particular, made the biggest impact. It simplified the unwieldy, document-heavy requirements management process into consumable tasks, and increased their levels of visibility. With more clarity and less miscommunication, customer requests were completed correctly and efficiently. While Jama and Jira stay in sync, other Jama Connect features like the cloud-based platform, real-time accessibility, and Review Center addressed JLL’s other efficiency concerns. The Jama Professional Services Team also helped with implementation and training along the way. But King says his team didn’t have to rely too heavily on training.

“Jama Connect is really pretty easy to use and intuitive” he explains. “I don’t do very much training these days. Occasionally, I’ll have a team of people that ask me for some training, and it’s more almost just like tips and tricks.” 

Global teams, global customers, always connected and communicating.

Jama Connect strengthens stakeholder accountability and collaboration when multiple projects happen internationally. Teams in different regions can break down requirements documents and provide accurate updates to customers in a central location. Everybody can see the actions logged and feedback provided.  

“The Jama Connect process has been hugely successful and much more efficient and effective than our previous method,” King says. It’s easier to consume information, and easier to think about the requirements at each step, too. 

Read the full customer story to learn more about how JLL used Jama Connect integration for Jira to improve project efficiency and effectiveness.  


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