New in Jama Connect: Find Items Quickly in Trace View with Trace View Filtering

October 9, 2018 Jama Software

Systems are only becoming more complex. When mapping out system requirements, relationships diagrams can quickly start looking messy and confusing.

And the deeper down you go in the relationship tree, the more items branch from the trunk and the interconnections become countless. However, the information contained within these diagrams is critical. An accidental alteration to a relationship could lead to catastrophic failure.

This is one area where Jama Connect’s Trace View is providing an increasing amount of value for our customers. Trace View allows product development teams to maintain Live Traceability, view how items link together and trace them as they change at any point in time.

Instead of retracing your steps to find gaps in coverage or wasting time managing multiple documents to update requirements, you can always keep your teams moving forward with Trace View. It is easy to manage upstream and downstream relationship impacts, see missing relationships and analyze item relationships.

And now, we’ve made Trace View even better. The latest enhancement to Trace View — Trace View Filtering — allows product development teams to quickly filter through items and analyze data that is pertinent to their search criteria.

To understand why Trace View Filtering is so important, let’s take a typical scenario where you only want to see item test cases and not be distracted by text, stories or defects.

Filtering allows users to quickly shed item types from the views that do not apply to the current situation.

Each column filters independently, because item types may appear at more than one level in Trace View. And the filter panel allows users to see all item types found in a column and filter them out.

With Trace View Filtering, you can also save and share your filters across teams.

An effective traceability system is important to the success of any product development. With Trace View, you can increase visibility, save time and eliminate risk throughout your product development lifecycle.

To learn more about how Trace View Filtering can help you find item types quickly in Trace View, email your Jama Connect account manager or contact us directly.

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