Apex.AI Selects Jama Connect® to Shorten Development Time, Increase Efficiency, and Sail Through Audit Preparation

With a mission to enable automotive developers to implement complex AI software, and enable AI developers to implement safety-critical applications, Apex.AI is an innovator in the automotive industry.  

Comprised of alumni from top automotive, robotics, and software companies around the world, the Apex.AI team knew that development success starts with requirements management. That’s why they set out to evaluate the top requirements management solutions from the very beginning. 

They ultimately selected Jama Connect because it was the only solution that: 

  • Allows the team to create a centralized repository of requirements 

  • Helps them demonstrate compliance with stringent automotive standards like ISO 26262 

  • Enables collaboration across a globally distributed team 

  • Offers Live Traceability™ capabilities

  • Is a modern, cloud-based solution that all team members could use 

  • Has industry acceptance and expertise 

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