How to Achieve Live Traceability™ with Jira®

To comply with industry standards, engineering teams in regulated industries must achieve requirements traceability across siloed teams and tools. Attempts to try and achieve live traceability with Jira or Jira plugins break down quickly as the complexity of approvals, versioning, change impact analysis, baselines and variant management overwhelm a task management approach. 

The best practice approach implemented by hundreds of Fortune 1000 companies and startups alike, is to use Jama Connect® to create Live Traceability™ across a best-of-breed toolchain including Jira or Azure DevOps for the software development team. 

With Jama Connect and Jira teams can:

  • Stay aligned to market needs
  • Maintain visibility to downstream development
  • Eliminate late-stage rework and quality gaps due to misalignment
  • Support a formal change management process
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