Medical Device Risk Management Services Datasheet

Medical device development teams understand the importance of risk management, but not all have a winning strategy. Challenges such as time and resource constraints, the evaluation and mitigation of risks, and the collection of relevant documentation for audits demand a comprehensive approach to risk management.

Read this datasheet for an introduction to Jama’s Medical Device Risk Management Services, which offers a comprehensive package for companies seeking best practices in managing risk that includes:

  • Providing an introduction to the ISO 14971 risk management process and how it relates to the Jama Connect risk management process
  • Configuring one custom template to align to your unique ISO 14971 risk management process
  • Orienting risk administrators on key tasks for creating templates and analyses and managing the Risk Management Center
  • Developing skills for executing essential Risk Management Center tasks in Jama Connect
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Jama Connect Risk Management Center
Jama Connect Risk Management Center

Read this datasheet to find out how to manage both risks and requirements directly within Jama Connect.

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