Rapid Optimization Workshop for Jama Connect

When the people, process and data at your business change, you can fine-tune Jama Connect to change with them.  


Jama Software’s Professional Services team offers a Rapid Optimization Workshop (ROW) to help you through this effort as quickly and efficiently as possible. Jama offers this onsite workshop for customers who have been with Jama over a year, recently experienced personnel changes within their Jama Connect environment, want to take advantage of new Jama Connect capabilities, or are using Jama Connect for a different purpose/project than originally configured. Download the data sheet to learn: 

  • What’s included in a workshop 
  • Key benefits of signing up 
  • How to prepare for a workshop


If you’d like more details about what happens in a Rapid Optimization Workshop, register for a webinar on Thursday, March 12.


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