Jama Connect Functional Safety Kit for Automotive Development Teams

ISO 26262 stipulates that automotive developers must validate their software tools for confident use, including usability, with the goal of ensuring that software tools are suitable for use in developing safety-related items. When a software solution is implemented or is updated with additional feature enhancements, organizations need to ensure that it is validated at each phase. This can drain resources and impact time to market. 

In this datasheet, we’ll show you how Jama Connect’s Functional Safety Kit can help simplify validation for automotive teams by:  

  • Shortening the time it takes to validate Jama Connect and ongoing incremental feature enhancements in safety-critical environments 

  • Defining safety-critical workflows with clearly defined starting points 

  • Validating in either cloud or self-hosted environments 

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Jama Validation Kit Sample Documentation
Jama Validation Kit Sample Documentation