Improving Quality Processes for Medical Device Development

Consistent product quality and safety prove to be some of the top challenges for medical device innovators throughout product development. Evolving regulations and the new complexities inherent in connected devices, and interdependent teams make the management of development even more difficult.

Watch this recording to learn how a single powerful platform can help medical device development teams stay connected and manage several facets of product development.

In this info-packed presentation, our expert explore the most common challenges and negative impacts that disconnected medical device development teams have using document-based processes & legacy tools. We’ll also be showing you how Jama Connect for Medical Device Development creates the vital digital thread that connects teams and activities across the entire development lifecycle, allowing you to:

  • Improve end-to-end development visibility and collaboration
  • Proactively reduce quality issues and reduce barriers to compliance
  • Standardize DHF documentation with export templates and trace reports
  • Speed time-to-value and get your product to market faster
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