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How to Realign Engineering Teams for Remote Work with Minimal Disruption

Jama Software helps companies align global, distributed teams to support collaboration and innovation throughout the product development process. Now we’d like to share our expertise so you can align your engineering teams to a new remote work reality without jeopardizing quality, efficiency, or timelines.

Clay Moore

VP, Customer Success
Jama Software

Aaron Perillat

Principal Solutions Architect
Jama Software

The agenda:

  • Hear unique stories about Jama Software customers who use our platform to support innovation and improve business outcomes — no matter where teams are located.
  • Learn how you can use a single platform to introduce remote collaboration and conversations into complex workflows with minimum disruption to your business.
  • Learn how traceability can help you identify the impact of changes that occur in your supply chain.
  • Get helpful tips you can implement right away to help your remote teams maintain momentum in the product development process.
  • Participate in a Q & A for specific questions about how Jama Software could work for you.

We’re here to help you prepare for the challenges the next few months could bring. 

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