Why Global Medical Device Companies Choose Jama Connect

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Accelerate medical device development with Jama Connect

Medical device developers innovate to move people forward. They build to help experts help others. But getting there is never an easy road. It can take up to 7 years to get a new medical device to market. And cost up to $1 billion dollars.

Now there’s a solution that can make the road easier: Jama Connect for Medical Device Development.

Empower your  teams with a platform that helps you overcome key challenges and accelerate your product development process.On a single platform, you can lower costs, minimize regulatory disruptionovercome compliance obstacles, and connect teams. Jama Connect activates a digital transformation  and brings your product to the people who need it, faster. 

With Jama Connect for Medical Device Development, here’s what’s possible: Ensure product quality and safety across development teams with increased collaboration. Manage development costs and leave behind document-based and legacy solutions that limit innovation. Stay in control in an evolving  regulatory environment. Stay competitive as connected devices rise in the market and your teams work to support a wider range of complexity. Word docs and spreadsheets won’t make it possible.  Realize value quickly, through an out of the box solution that’s already configured for medical device development. Accelerate development, with built-in support aligned to key regulations and procedure guides created to support design control activities.

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With Jama Connect, you can produce Export Templates including trace reports and a Design History File and receive training to ensure team success. Get the features you need to navigate the complexity of successful product development. Free your teams to focus on innovation and rise to meet those who need your product the most, in the workplace and every day.

“Jama Connect frees us up to focus on the design of the product, not the logistics of the work that needs to be done. We are able to spend our time more effectively — helping our customers.” Scott Britt, Systems Engineering Manager, RBC Medical Innovations

“We all want to spend more time being creative and innovating our products, and Jama Connect gives us more opportunities to do that.”Lars Jensen, Product Quality Assurance Manager, 3Shape

To see more information specific to the medical device development industry, we’ve compiled a handy list of valuable resources for you!


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