How to Accelerate Safety-Compliant Automotive Product Design

Tim Anderson

When developing software for industries with rapidly changing regulatory environments, it’s critical that the platforms used are reliable, but also flexible and rigorous enough to remain compliant as requirements and standards evolve.

Of course, delivering a quality product that comports to current functional safety requirements quickly and efficiently is a big plus, which is why a Fortune 100 semiconductor company recently enlisted Jama Software to be at the core of its integrated application life-cycle management (ALM) solution.

With Jama’s help, this semiconductor company was able to completely transform its development process and streamline its operation, removing many obstacles to development along the way.

Putting Trust in Jama’s Proven Platform

Jama is certified by internationally recognized testing body TÜV SÜD for developing safety-related products to ISO 26262 (up to ASIL D) and IEC 61508 (up to SIL 3) standards. With such a rigorous development environment in place, the semiconductor company knew Jama’s platform would help it meet all necessary safety requirements.

Jama’s solution provides built-in attention to process, decision-making and change analysis in real time. Using actionable traceability, device-related developers and manufacturers, including semiconductors, can work faster without compromising on safety or quality. Jama provided the semiconductor company’s team with workflows for defining, building and testing automotive-related products that met their required functional safety standards.

Critically, Jama helps accelerate product design by enabling companies to reuse requirements across design teams and different generations of platforms — a critical part of the semiconductor company’s business strategy. The resulting integrated ALM solution brings together the best processes and tools, providing a single portal for accessing and analyzing a master data repository.

Standardizing processes and helping the semiconductor company reduce its massive toolset down to the most relevant ensured requirements were met the first time. This helped the company accelerate development cycles. And, at the same time, resulted in better end products and higher customer satisfaction.

Improving Processes Let Engineering Teams Focus on Engineering

The improved productivity and efficiency across teams and business units also reduced the overall cost of product development. Jama enabled teams to create a set of development-related assets once and reuse them across projects. This avoided the need to reinvent the wheel with each new iteration and reduced the likelihood of inconsistencies.

Effectively managing requirements also eliminated a large percentage of product defects. This saved time and money by detecting potential issues early — when issues are cheaper and easier to fix — rather than going back to the drawing board if they’re discovered too late in the game or in the finished product.

The resulting integrated ALM solution, with Jama at its core, seamlessly incorporated quality and compliance into existing workflows and best practices, when before it was a time-consuming, manual process. This enabled teams to spend more time engineering and less time fretting over compliance processes and documentation. Product are designed more efficiently and enter the market more quickly.

For a deeper dive into the semiconductor company’s use of Jama in achieving its goals, don’t miss our new report, Driving Compliance with Functional Safety Standards for Software-Based Automotive Components.

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