Monolithic Power Systems Uses Jama Connect to Manage Complexities

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Manage Complexities

Companies with globally dispersed teams, complex products, and expanding product lines require a modern, centralized system to manage requirements. Jama Connect is giving Monolithic Power Systems (MPS) newfound efficiencies to manage complexities in product development by simplifying their requirements and change management processes and improving collaboration and visibility across distributed teams.

In this blog post, we take a look at MPS’ top challenges in semiconductor development and why they selected Jama Connect to help.

Managing Complexities Across Geographies with Scalability and Efficiency

Producing the highest quality power solutions for industrial applications is no simple undertaking. Like many other organizations tackling complex projects, MPS’ Automotive and Battery Management groups were facing critical business challenges that Jama Connect is helping them address.

1. Adapting to Increasing Complexities

One of the key issues MPS faced was their ability to address the challenges of developing increasingly complex product tiers. The rapid expansion into new high-value markets called for a matching evolution of the internal requirements and documentation management processes.

At MPS, systems engineers, digital designers, and technical marketing engineers all need the ability to collaborate and exchange massive amounts of information both upstream and downstream using a complex register map. As semiconductor design continues to increase in complexity, the use of traditional documents to accomplish this had become more challenging for the MPS team. The current system in place for revision controls wasn’t functioning well for them; it needed to be synchronized, clearly organized, and scalable.

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2. Managing Documentation While Keeping Pace With Emerging Technologies

Each of MPS’ distributed teams is focused on a different stage of the constant research and development (R&D) needed for emerging technologies. In today’s rapidly changing environment, market requirements are constantly evolving, which drives the need for even tighter collaboration between teams. When the sustained growth of the MPS portfolio was also considered, it became evident that a new solution was needed, which would offer increased cross-team visibility over requirements, design reviews, and test results.

3. Collaborating Effectively Across Distributed Teams

When companies are developing complex products, the size of their team grows accordingly, but growth is as efficient as the infrastructure in place to support it. For MPS, that meant moving from an approach where most of the R&D activity was geographically localized in one area to a more de-centralized model with centers located in the United States, Asia and Europe. The challenge of engineering teams working across multiple time zones emphasized the need for a solution that enabled all the contributors to collaborate seamlessly on a project regardless of their physical location.

4. Proving Products Meet Industry Standards and Compliance

Another core challenge that MPS faced was having a system that both enables requirements management tracking and helps demonstrate that functional safety standards and industry regulations have been met. Jama Software is the first SaaS and Agile vendor to be ISO 26262 fit-for-purpose certified by TÜV SÜD.

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Complex Information Management and Exchange with Clarity and Efficiency

After implementing Jama Connect, MPS has been able to solve its collaboration challenge, provide a real-time cross-team visibility and engagement, and prove compliance. Jama Connect is helping MPS make an impact in these significant areas:

  1. The Jama Connect platform allows for structured collaboration and information to be accessed seamlessly across globally distributed teams
  2. MPS now has a single source of information and end-to-end visibility throughout the product development lifecycle
  3. Jama Connect is making the path for teams to prove regulatory compliance easier

Jama Connect has helped MPS manage complexities in the development cycle by delivering a structured collaboration platform that allows their engineers to access information seamlessly across teams. To see the incredible results, you’ll have to read the full customer story.

Read the full customer story to see how Jama Connect helps industry leader MPS manage complexities across globally-distributed teams.


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