Write Better Requirements with Jama Connect Advisor™

Successful product delivery starts with having the right user needs and requirements. Efficient, precise, and professionally written requirements form the foundation of the product development process so that various teams (design, software, and hardware systems) can all work together with a shared and clear understanding of the project goals.     

Jama Connect Advisor™ is a state-of-the-art requirements authoring guide and optimizer powered by natural language processing for engineering that helps a system engineer, or a product developer write effective, well-organized requirement specifications based on industry-accepted INCOSE (International Council on Systems Engineering) rules and the EARS (Easy Approach to Requirements Syntax) notation.    

Learn more about leveraging Jama Connect Advisor to:    

  • Improve the quality and usability of your requirements    

  • Save time authoring, reviewing, and updating requirement statements   

  • Continuously enhance team requirement authoring skills with regular use   

  • Deliver programs and projects on time and on budget with long-term success 

  • Plus, hear from Rockwell Automation on their experience with Jama Connect Advisor

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