DOORS Next Generation or Jama Connect: A Side-by-Side Look at Requirements Management Platforms

August 25, 2022 McKenzie Jonsson

DOORS Next Gen

Why Modern Engineering Teams Aren’t Using IBM DOORS or DOORS Next Generation for Requirements Management

If you’re currently using DOORS for requirements management, you likely know that moving to a different solution is necessary, and you might be considering DOORS Next Generation. However, fast-shifting market dynamics require a new approach to accelerate innovation. As a modern alternative to traditional legacy platforms, Jama Connect® enables digital transformation with a more efficient and user-friendly approach to managing risk and compliance.

To adapt to increasing industry challenges and complexities, innovative organizations are now requiring best-in-class software to scale development, reduce risk, save time, and ensure compliance to quality and safety regulations — and migrating to a new requirements management tool, will be a necessity to keep pace with the competition.

The leader in requirements management software, Jama Connect outranks IBM DOORS Next®
for implementation time, adoption, ROI, & market presence


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5 Key Reasons Teams Are Choosing Jama Connect over DOORS NG

Considering choosing Jama Connect over DOORS Next? Jama Connect consistently stands above DOORS Next (for requirements management tools) in the G2 Grid® for overall satisfaction, performance, user experience, collaboration, reviews and approvals, implementation, usability, user adoption, and overall ROI.

Fastest Time to Market/ROI

  • Deploy in weeks, not months with easy updates and high performance
  • Pre-configured frameworks to satisfy industry regulations
  • Intuitive user interface and workflows that drive efficiency
  • Jama Software in-house industry-focused subject matter experts

Highest Adoptability

  • Intuitive design with a better UX and ease of use that enables adoptability across teams and disciplines
  • Lowest learning curve, minimal training required
  • Actionable visibility into status, progress, and risks
  • Permissions-controlled access for your entire organization

Maximum Collaboration

  • Designed for connecting remote / distributed development teams and disciplines
  • Real-time communication captured in context
  • Secure access for internal and external stakeholders
  • Delivers end-to-end Live Traceability™
  • Improves productivity

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

  • Simple and straightforward administration
  • No need for custom scripting or continuous updating
  • Scales easily without big infrastructure investment
  • Unlimited no-cost access for extended internal/external stakeholders

Built for the Modern Engineering Stack

  • Jama Connect Companion MBSE encourages and enables MBSE approach
  • Integrates with market-leading tools with open REST API
  • Teams can work in preferred tools with complete traceability visible in Jama Connect

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See how DOORS Next stacks up against Jama Connect
in key areas below.

DOORS Next vs Jama Connect

Jama Connect is a proven IBM DOORS and DOORS NG alternative with flexible, scalable, and reliable migration solutions, including:

  • Operation in an IBM DOORS supply chain. Innovative companies leverage Jama Connect to get up and running fast with a modern requirements management process that tightly aligns with industry standards and practices that support regulatory compliance. Organizations can connect to customers and suppliers that use IBM DOORS through Data Exchange for Jama Connect.”
  • Integration services. Jama Connect provides integration with key product development lifecycle tools.
  • Coexists with IBM DOORS. IBM DOORS is embedded in many organizations and may take some time to migrate completely. Progressive teams and divisions can get started on Jama Connect quickly while the larger organization works toward replacing existing programs over time. This approach is supported through a mix of integration, migration, and exchange services.

In conclusion, DOORS has been a faithful requirements management tool that has served the product development community well for almost 30 years. But to stay competitive, it’s necessary to switch to a modern requirements management solution like Jama Connect.

To learn more about making the switch from IBM DOORS or DOORS Next Generation to Jama Connect, download our datasheet.

DOORS for Requirements Management

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