[Webinar Recap] Driving Business Outcomes with Jama Software’s Success Programs

August 23, 2022 Jama Software

Customer Success Programs

In this blog, we recap the “Driving Business Outcomes with Jama Software’s Success Programs” webinar.

When you buy Jama Connect, you’re not just buying the #1 requirements management solution on the market. Our Customer Success team stands behind you, delivering the expertise, guidance, and resources you need to see a quick return on your investment and achieve your business goals.

Our adoption-oriented approach balances industry best practices with the practicalities of how you plan, build, and test your products.

In this webinar, we discuss how Jama Software has created specific diagnostic tools and customer success offerings to achieve higher value with Jama Connect. We also explore how Jama Connect can enable transformational value to positively impact your business, and how our specific customer success offerings can help your team increase traceability compliance and requirement quality.

Learn more about our new customer success programs, and how they lead to better outcomes such as:

  • Higher percentage of passing tests
  • Lower product defect rates
  • Faster time to market

Below is an abbreviated transcript and a recording of our webinar.

Driving Business Outcomes with Jama Software’s Success Programs

John D’Addario: Good morning. Good afternoon. Good evening. I’m John D’Addario, senior director of customer success here at Jama Software. I’m responsible for our global customer success team here, and we are so excited to share with you some of insights around how our new success program can help you and your company drive business outcomes with Jama Connect. I’ve asked my colleague Preston to join me today. Preston, can you give a brief introduction of yourself?

Preston Mitchell: Yeah. Thanks John. Hey everybody. It’s great to be here. As John mentioned, I’m really excited to share with you some of the things we’ve been working on here to make the success programs even better. For those of you that don’t know me, I am the director of the global solutions team. I’ve been with Jama for about 10 years. My background is kind of in requirements management. I’ve been a business analyst, I’ve been an Agile program manager. So I’m really excited about all of the best practices when it comes to system development and requirements authoring. So yeah, I’ll pass it back to John and we’ll dive in.

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John D’Addario: Thanks Preston. So as the number one in requirements management software, our purpose is to ensure that innovators succeed with customer success at the forefront of everything we do. Through years of industry specific experience and thousands of customer engagements, we bring the best practices to bear, to maximize the success rate of the product development process. There are six core business outcomes we focus on helping you drive with Jama Connect. They are reduced cycle time, increased process efficiency, streamline and accelerate reviews, speed time to market, gain visibility and control, ensure compliance and manage risk. We do this across our five key verticals, medical device, automotives and semiconductor, space, airborne and defense systems, software development, and industrial manufacturing.

We have a really exciting agenda for you today. We’re going to go through four topics. We’re going to give an overview of our success program. Preston’s going to go on and talk about measurements and outcomes. We’re going to do a double click on the success programs and then leave some time at the end for some Q and A. So let’s get into it. We are the experts when it comes to requirements management and traceability. We have years of experience between our customer success managers, solution consultants, and technical support engineers. Through our success program, we help our customers achieve faster time to value with Jama Connect.

Preston Mitchell: Hey John, maybe for some of the folks we could give a breakdown of the different team roles here. I’m not sure if everyone has actually interacted with their entire success team at Jama Software. So maybe we could give a background of each of the roles and what their goals are at Jama.

John D’Addario: Sure, sure. So starting with our customer success manager, really think of your customer success manager as you’re trusted advisor, focusing on understanding your business outcomes. We work together to build what we call a success plan. We use that success plan to help marshal resources across the genre enterprise. We also help you with all your commercial needs, like renewals, buying more licenses, adding a success program subscription, adding services, things like that. Our technical support engineers are there to help you with any technical questions that come up during your time with Jama Connect. They are well versed in the ins and outs of all things technical. Preston, why don’t you give a little bit more detail around the solution consultants?

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Preston Mitchell: Yeah, definitely. The solution consultants are part of my team. They really bring a lot of industry experience to bear. So a lot of them have been product managers, system engineers, quality managers in their prior roles. So they bring industry experience like requirements authoring experience, quality management, specific industry experience. Then they also of course have a lot of deep practical experience using Jama Connect the product. So they combine those to really recommend best practice uses of the tool. They very much understand the pain points and the outcomes that you all are trying to drive with your products every day. So any kind of deep product questions, or asks of how to use Jama Connect in order to achieve their goals, that’s really what their purpose is.

John D’Addario: Great. Great. When I look at this team and the resources we have here at Jama, I’m a little partial to think that, not only do we have the best team and the requirements management industry, I think we have the best team of any team that I’ve worked in over the last 10, 15 years. It’s really exciting to have this level of engagement between these three teams with this one mission of driving customer success. Let’s do a little bit of a deep dive into our success program. So through this continual engagement with your teams, we really focus on measurable improvements to your process. We do that by forming focus areas, helping you drive adoption and usage of Jama Connect, helping eliminate trace debt, and increasing your trace score, improving requirements quality score, increasing verification compliance. When you think about the success program, one of the main benefits of the success program is what we call the success catalog.

John D’Addario: This success catalog brings together four great resources for our customers to use. The first one being training resources. The second one being benchmark assessments. The third one being solution consulting. And lastly, fourth, our technical services. When you think about your journey with Jama Connect, think about it in three stages, implement, measure, and optimize. The success program is at the foundation of helping you achieve those business outcomes. We do that by mixing different services in our success catalog together, and what we call a success path. In these three examples, you can see here, we have three different success path that brings this prescriptive use of these services in the catalog to help you achieve business outcomes during the different phases of your journey with Jama Connect.

To watch the full webinar, visit: Driving Business Outcomes with Jama Software’s Success Programs


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