Increasing Efficiency in Testing and Confidence in Safety Standard Compliance

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Safety Standard Compliance

Companies are facing immense pressure to deliver complex products to market faster while balancing rigorous safety standard compliance with standards like ISO 26262 in the automotive industry and DO-178C in aerospace.

Testing plays a key role in the successful development of safety-critical systems. However, many organizations still perform testing manually which can lead to the introduction of errors, inconsistencies in code analysis, delays in project timelines, and increased chances of recalls or failure to meet safety standard compliance.

Teams and managers need to feel audit-ready and confident they are meeting the objectives in these standards. Execution teams need the flexibility to work in their preferred tools to maintain efficiency. Striking the right balance is crucial.

On January 15th, we teamed up with Liverpool Data Research Associates (LDRA) for a webinar discussing how — through a direct integration between the Jama Connect™ and LDRA tool suites — organizations can better strike this balance.

Watch the full webinar here or read the highlights below.


Integrating Jama Connect & LDRA for Increased Confidence

Jama Connect makes it easy for teams to define, align, and execute on requirements (high level to low level), tests and other assets across the product development lifecycle. Jama Connect’s built-in traceability can help organizations identify coverage gaps in the product development process. Jama Connect’s Test Management Center supports workflows for manual testing enabling engineering and quality assurance teams to organize and execute requirements-based test plans and test cases to ensure quality and compliance. As products become more complex and automation becomes required, Jama Connect integrates to automated testing tools to support a cost-effective, scalable, and flexible solution

The LDRA tool suite specializes in automated software verification, including the analysis of standards compliance and of structural coverage. The LDRA tool suite can run unit tests, dynamic tests, and static code analysis on embedded software code used to power complex products and systems in regulated industries.

Automated Testing is now commonplace, not only in the unregulated software space, but in safety critical products and systems as well. Manual testing simply will not scale as products become more complex with embedded software. These automated tests and results of automated test runs need to be traced to requirements for compliance and safety reasons.

Through an integration between Jama Connect and LDRA, organizations can combine the strengths of a market leading, fit-for-purpose requirements management tool and a powerful, automated testing tool.

Driving Value

But why integrate? What value does this bring to organizations and teams?

Firstly, by integrating these tools, teams gain efficiency. This integration removes manual export/import processes that waste time and can lead to errors. The nature of the integration gives testing teams greater control over the movement of assets across tools and builds confidence in the overall compliance process.

Additionally, this integration strengthens traceability across tools. Requirements, tests, and test results are published in both tools. Traceability reports can be produced in both tools to review results and analyze system coverage. Teams can gain confidence that the entire system is covered, from requirements down to code.

Lastly, this integration eases the path to compliance and helps strike the balance between speed and safety. Improved efficiency through the integration lets teams work in their tools of choice and makes results available in both tools. Through strengthened traceability, teams will feel more “audit ready” and will help meet the objectives set in rigorous compliance standards like ISO 26262 and DO-178C.

To learn more about how the ISO 26262 standard impacts automotive development, download our white paper.


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