It’s a Tough Job but Someone’s Gotta Do It, Pt. IV. How Jama Helps QA Leads


The next time you feel like your professional life has gotten too complicated, get some face time with a seasoned Quality Assurance pro. The job? Easy stuff such as exposing the production flaws in embedded systems, integrated systems and connected devices.

What seems like a negative focus requires positive determination to straddle the line between the ideal and the real. Terminology that would terrify mere mortals such as “safety-critical,” “guaranteed compliance” and “life-and-economy critical” govern every QA action. Once the benchmark is set, QA is the muscle and willpower that keeps it in place.

And when your job is ensuring that only high-quality products make it to market, unwavering commitment to QA principles is required because your work is so demanding:

Tall tasks:

  • Trying to guarantee consistent product quality by developing, validating and enforcing reliable automated testing practices.

Pressure points:

  • Lacking visibility into changing requirements.
  • Lacking appropriate, comprehensive test coverage.
  • Struggling to capture and track all related defects.
  • Being the last to know when obstacles arise.

Burning desires:

  • To establish a clear workflow of requirements, be able to understand impacts when requirements change, and to ultimately ensure proper and meaningful test coverage.

With Jama, Quality Assurance Leads can turn wayward “Lost in Space” episodes into navigable “Star Trek” epics.

How so? You’re able to…

  • Speed up the test planning process.
  • Enable and ensure dependable test coverage for all requirements and defects.
  • Create and execute test cases using one platform.
  • Capture and track all related defects using one platform.
  • Easily integrate Jama with defect tracking and test automation tools you’re already using.
  • Communicate easily with the entire project team to get clarification on questions asked and decisions made, regardless of location.

Read Quality Products Deserve a Fighting Chance to see how Jama helps Quality Assurance teams make sure that only high-quality products make it to market.

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