Simplify Complex Financial Product Development, Deployments, and Migrations with Jama Connect®

Companies in the financial sector are facing new competitive pressure in the form of digital advancement and a demand for new individualized products and services. These companies, as well as vendors serving the financial sector, can be by slowed legacy infrastructure, functional and team silos, and long- entrenched processes and culture. But dependence on tools like Word documents and spreadsheets — as part of a requirements management process — adds unnecessary time and increases risk to development projects, deployments, migrations, and other projects. 

In this datasheet, we cover the key features and benefits of leveraging Jama Connect® to simplify complex development, deployments, and migration, including:  

  • Requirements in a single system of record  

  • Live Traceability™ 

  • Integrate with commonly used tools 

  • Robust collaboration  

  • Many more  

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