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Unpacking Requirements Traceability Capabilities of Jama Connect

In this session you’ll learn how Jama Connect capabilities provide requirements traceability which improves product development accuracy and/or quality and ensures the ability to provide trace reports for audits. Learn how various options are used to track relationships to/from/between requirements and understand the full impact across the project.

In this demonstration session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Create relationship guardrails to ensure traceability rules will guide users and prevent dependency chaos
  • Right click to build relationship dependencies as you perform everyday work activities
  • Use trace view to:
    • Identify relationship dependencies between data
    • Track progress and identify missing work items
    • Analyze potential impact of changes
    • Gain visibility needed for prioritizing lower level work items against higher level requirements
  • Use item widgets to:
    • View impact analysis to understand the potential impact of change
    • Initiate conversations between connected users
  • Export relationship dependencies to support compliance audits
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