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Driving Business Outcomes with Jama Software’s Success Programs

When you buy Jama Connect, you’re not just buying the #1 requirements management solution on the market. Our Customer Success team stands behind you, delivering the expertise, guidance, and resources you need to see a quick return on your investment and achieve your business goals.  

Our adoption-oriented approach balances industry best practices with the practicalities of how you plan, build, and test your products. 

In this webinar, we discuss how Jama Software has created specific diagnostic tools and customer success offerings to achieve higher value with Jama Connect. We also explore how Jama Connect can enable transformational value to positively impact your business, and how our specific customer success offerings can help your team increase traceability compliance and requirement quality.  

Learn more about our new customer success programs, and how they lead to better outcomes such as:  

  • Higher percentage of passing tests  

  • Lower product defect rates  

  • Faster time to market 

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Write Better Requirements with Jama Connect Advisor™
Write Better Requirements with Jama Connect Advisor™

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